Staff Guides

Below are several guides that you may find useful

Safeguarding Information

LCC Welcome Pack

ArtForms Music Staff Duties and Responsibilities (pdf)

A Brief Salary and Claim Guide (pdf)

ArtForms Music Staff Sickness and Absence Guide (pdf)

LCC sickness reporting procedure (pdf)

Employees’ Code of Conduct (pdf)

Employees’ Code of Conduct Appendix 1 (pdf)

Council Values (pdf)

Photocopying printed music – updated guidance

Advice for teachers working in direct billing schools (pdf)

Live Teacher Webpage

Live Teacher Guide (pdf)

ArtForms Music Behaviour and Disciplinary Policy

Acronyms Demystified!

Direct billing schools vs traded schools

Ofsted Deep Dives – Information and Guidance (pdf)

Advice regarding national examinations
ABRSM exams (and equivalent)

The best way to deal with entering pupils for national exams. is to go through schools. We don’t have the capacity to deal with hundreds of entries centrally, and it is not feasible for ArtForms staff to try and do it personally, especially with the consideration of handling fees. Most high schools are able and willing to take on the job. In cases where schools aren’t able or willing, remember there are more ways to mark achievements, set goals and give performance opportunities than just ABRSM or Rock School performances. There are concerts, festivals, and of course ArtForms Colour Awards.

Remote Learning Resources

LMEP has created three very useful guides to help organisations, schools, parents and children through the challenges of online learning. From making sure you’re safe in lessons to setting up your virtual learning space via what equipment you’ll need, how to teach effectively and where to get follow-up resources you’ll find everything you need for a meaningful online musical experience. Click the links below for tips on Safeguarding and Teaching.

LMEP TEL Pod Teaching Online Guidance

LMEP TEL Pod Safeguarding Guidance

LMEP TEL Pod Technology Guidance