Teaching Resources

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Training Resources September 2021

Enabling all to join in

Relational behaviour management

Voices Foundation reources

VF Presentation

Bells in the steeple

Boom chicka boom

Bubblegum bubblegum

Doggie doggie

Double double

Four white horses

Hello everyone

Here I come

I have lost the cupboard key

Once a man

Roly poly

Touch your shoulders

Diversity Trust Resources


Challenging sexist language


Diverse recruitment

Diversity toolkit checklist

Equality, diversity and inclusion training materials

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Equality links

How to be a good ally


Joanne Lockwood – allyship


LGBTQ slang

No whites allowed

Pride 2021

Principles of cultural competence



Sporting Equals BAME terminology survey

Unconscious bias examples

What to know about microaggressions

White shame

Why it matters what pronouns you use


Training Resources September 2019

Vocal Health – ten top tips

Vocal Health – warm-ups

ArtForms Values and Approach (PowerPoint)

Raising Your Teaching Game (PowerPoint)

Psychological Wellbeing at Work

Raising Your Teaching Game – Kagan Structures (PowerPoint)

Kagan Handout

Birdsong Cards

Song bird flash cards

4 chord song – notes and flash cards

Iain Jennings – Songwriting

Early Years Composing – Sam Mercer


Training Resources September 2018

The Competent Self

Not Just Performing in WCIT

Singing Support Pack

Whole Class Learning

Warm Up Songs

Workshop (Kodaly Inspired Music Education)

Training (Kodaly Inspired Music Education)


Resources for All

1-8 Strumming Game

Notes for Christmas Jam

Layering, ostinato & pentatonic scale


National Curriculum and Whole Class planning

Recovery Curriculum – Assessment Documents

Recovery Curriculum Planning, Powerpoint Presentations and Resources

  • Autumn 1 Planning – curriculum overview I medium term plan
  • Autumn 1 Powerpoint – Lesson 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I 6
  • Autumn 1 Resources –
  • Autumn 2 Planning –
  • Autumn 2 Powerpoint – 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I 6
  • Autumn 2 Resources –


Example medium term planning template RS (PDF)

Medium Term Planning Template 1617

NC Progression and Assessment in Music (PDF)

Y1 Duration Notation (PDF)

Individual Lesson Plan 1617

Top Tips for Whole Class Teachers (PDF)

WCET meeting resource pack (PDF)

80 Songs Children Sing

ArtForms Music Skills by Year Group

Musical Warm Ups

Short Term Plan (What does a good WCET lesson look like?)

Medium Term Plan (What does a good WCET lesson look like?)

Long Term Plan (What does a good WCET lesson look like?)


Small group resources

Short and Long Term Planning

Guidance Notes for Awards Small Group

Awards Guidance Notes

Teaching and Planning Notes

Skills By Year Group

Playing By Rote

Playing From Memory – Some Strategies

Working Out By Ear

Tune for Playing By Rote – Oh Them Britches Full Of Stitches

Using Rhythm or Pitch Cards in a Small Group Setting

A and B cards – Full Score

Crotchet and Rest cards (unpitched) – Full Score

Example of how to use Teaching and Planning Notes – 1

Example of how to use Teaching and Planning Notes – 2

10 Top Tips for Small Group Teaching in Schools

Improvisation Activity

Anonymised Report Example

Starter String Activities

Improvising Melody Step by Step

Training Tricks for Memorising

Woodwind and Brass starter activities

Percussion starter activities

Material and Activities to support the ArtForms Colour Awards: Strings


NC Team Resources: Bells and Boomwhackers


Frosty the Snowman

Frosty the Snowman (mac)

Interactive boomwhacker resources

Johnny’s lost his marbles

Tell me a story


NC Team Resources: Early Years

Choose an instrument

Everyone it’s music time

Hello Everybody

Make a circle

My hands like to clap

Say Hello

Shake my sillies out

Jenny’s favourite songs